1. Job Description. A written job description is advised but not required. Units may keep a written job description within their unit, but it is not housed in PeopleAdmin. Student Employee Wages information.
  2. Posting. Posting a student job is not required. Please contact Career Services (careerservices@unl.edu) if you'd like to post a position on their platform.
  3. Review applicants. The Hiring Manager is responsible for review applicants and hiring the most qualified applicant. No search committee is required, nor short list approval.
  4. Interviewing. An interview process is not required, but if interviews are conducted, interview guidelines must be followed.
  5. Reference Check is advised but not required.
  6. Verbal/Written Offer. Some student positions have pre-placement requirements. When applicable, Criminal History Background Check or Pre-Placement Physicals must be completed and details arranged with the Human Resources Office at 402-472-3101. Offers for employment may be made contingent upon those requirements. An offer letter should be given to the student. Templates are located in SAPPHIRE: UNL > Payroll and Human Resources > Hiring Resources > Letters of Offer.
  7. Finalize the process. When the offer is accepted, all other applicants should be informed that the position has been filled. The hiring unit is responsible for notifying the unsuccessful candidates. 
New Hire Documentation

The hiring unit completes the following and submits to the unit Business Office for processing found in SAPPHIRE

  • Offer letter if applicable
  • Personnel Action Form (PAF)
  • Personnel Data Form (PDF)
  • I-9 Form
  • E-Verify
  • Direct Deposit Form
  • W-4 Form
  • Overtime Authorization Agreement (hourly paid employees)

Application Records Retention

All materials pertaining to the recruitment process must be maintained within the hiring unit's official files according to the University Application Records Retention Policy. These materials will be important in the event the unit has to respond to any legal action or inquiry in connection with the hiring process. 

The successful candidate's recruitment and selection materials must be kept in their personnel file. For unsuccessful candidates, all recruitment and selection materials, including electronic and paper document including applications, interview notes, reference checks, criminal background checks, etc. must be kept in the hiring unit's recruitment and selection files for the applicable requisition.