Temporary Appointments

While departments need not follow formal recruitment and hiring procedures to fill temporary vacancies, departments must coordinate with Human Resources to establish the appropriate salary grade and hiring rate.

The Human Resources office can assist departments in securing qualified applicants.

Human Resources, working with the hiring department, will determine the appropriate classification and salary grade for temporary office/service employees and sets the salary rate for temporary managerial/professional employees. Salary offers must have prior approval from Human Resources.

Temporary employees may be appointed to regular positions on a competitive basis only after positions are advertised, giving others opportunity to apply. Temporary employees use the regular application process.

Departments may choose to use a competitive search process to hire a temporary employee, thus making it possible to grant the employee regular status at a later time.

Temporary employees may be separated at any time without prior notice or grievance rights. Temporary employees who believe their legal rights with respect to employment have been violated may appeal their dismissal to Human Resources.

When temporary employees leave the university, they may be eligible for unemployment benefits as determined by the Nebraska Department of Labor. Questions about departmental obligation regarding unemployment benefits should be directed to the Benefits Office, 402-472-2600.

Temporary employees may be appointed for a period of up to two years. Those appointed for more than six months are eligible for benefits (except for tuition remission, administrative leave, funeral leave, holiday pay or University contributions to retirement) from the beginning of the appointment, provided the position is half-time or greater. Those appointed for six months or less are not eligible for benefits. An employee who is reappointed after the first six months of a temporary appointment is eligible for benefits. If the second appointment is in another university position, and if it occurs within the same calendar month in which the separation occurs, the employee is eligible for benefits.

Regular employees who are appointed to a temporary position, either through a transfer or a reappointment in the same department, retain their eligibility for benefits received by temporary employees whose appointments are greater than 6 months, provided they are reappointed within the same calendar month.

Departments are responsible for notifying temporary employees when they become eligible for insurance benefits.

Employees will not be granted temporary appointments in the same department for more than two years, but they are eligible for reappointment after a three-month break in employment. Under the same provisions, employees may be appointed to subsequent temporary appointments in different departments.

Benefits for eligible temporary employees include the following: health and life insurance, sick and vacation leave, injury leave, civil leave, and military leave. Temporary employees are not eligible for tuition remission, administrative leave, holiday pay, funeral leave, or university contributions to retirement.

Temporary employment may be included as all or part of the original probation period for a regular appointment within the same department, at the discretion of the department.