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7. Verbal/Written Offer

A letter of offer is required and may only be extended by an approved hiring authority in compliance with Human Resources procedures and will outline the details of the appointment.

All offers should be made contingent upon successful completion of pre-placement requirements.

  • Criminal History Background Check for all new and transfer employee hires.

Verbal Offer

Prior to making a written offer, a hiring authority may choose to extend a verbal offer of employment.

A verbal offer should include the following:

  • Job title
  • Wage/Salary
  • Potential start date
  • Pre-placement requirements
    Option A:  The unit may choose to initiate pre-placement requirements at the verbal offer stage prior to a written offer.
    Option B:  The unit may wait until the verbal offer is accepted and initiate the pre-placement requirements upon extension of the written offer.

Written Offer

A written Letter of Offer must be sent to the successful candidate. The successful candidate should reply to the Letter of Offer in writing with either a Letter of Acceptance or by signing and returning the Letter of Offer. The Letter of Acceptance must include the start date, the position title, the salary, and confirmation of the terms of probation. A copy of the letter of offer and acceptance is submitted with the new hire payroll documents. 

Templates of these letters are located in SAPPHIRE: UNL > Payroll and Human Resources > Hiring Resources > Letters of Offer.